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to save us some money. president chiu: there is a motion to continue. clerk calvillo: we would have to continue this for three weeks. supervisor elsbernd: do you think you can come up with the magical elixir in three weeks? supervisor kim: i appreciate the motion. i actually looked at mr. st. croix to see if that would be enough time. supervisor elsbernd: i will just withdraw and hope you can come up with something on your own. president chiu: is there a motion to rescind? i would certainly make one, but i want to -- where are we? supervisor elsbernd, have you withdraw your motion? i am sure the naysayers know what they're doing. i will leave it to them. supervisor wiener: we all know this will not be fixed in two or three weeks. it has to go through the ethics process, through the committee, through this board. it is a lengthy process and not something you're going to want to rush. you want to do it the right way. supervisor elsbernd: supervisor mirkarimi was not here. there were only three people who voted no. perhaps supervisor mirkarimi will vote yes. if he votes yes, we will no
is beautiful. a lot of the plants you see were pulled out of the garbage, and we use our compost to transplant them. the pathway is lined with rubble from the earthquake from the freeways we tour about 5000 people a year to our facility, adults and children. we talk about recycling and conservation. they can meet the artists. >> fantastic. let's go meet some of your current artists. here we are with lauren. can you tell us how long have been here so far and what you're working on? >> we started our residency on june 1, so we came into the studio then and spent most of the first couple weeks just digging around in the trash. i am continuing my body of work, kind of making these hand- embroidered objects from our day-to-day life. >> can you describe some of the things you have been making here? this is amazing. >> i think i started a lot of my work about the qualities of light is in the weight. i have been thinking a lot about things floating through the air. it is also very windy down here. there is a piece of sheet music up there that i have embroidered third. there is a pamphlet about hearing
all these years. thank you also for this honor. this is wonderful for us. it will only make us work harder. thank you very much. [applause] president chiu: that concludes our presentations for today. before we close the ceremony, i would like to acknowledge the folks who have help from the city. paula jones from our department of public health has been our director of food assistance. she has worked to make sure we have restaurants that are working as well to promote our public health as possible. i also want to see if we have luke o'brien, president of the small business commission. would you like to say a few words on behalf of the commission? commissioner o"brien: >> good afternoon, supervisors. far be it for me to be biased in any way to all of the businesses today, but i would have to follow up supervisor campos's recognition. i happened to totally by accident take my wife, who is of thai origin and has discerning taste buds, as difficult to please as anybody i know, to there, because we happened to be in the neighborhood. when she walked out of there, she had a grin from ear t
using public transit. i think there is a certain investment that comes with this. it is an investment you see played out in something like the social security program. the fact that it applies to everyone means that everyone is invested. we want everyone to be invested in public transportation, which is why i believe we need to make this happen. with that, i leave it to you, and respectfully ask for your support. thank you for your patience. i know it is late in the day. thank you to the young people who have come out, and to the parents as well. supervisor avalos: thank you. and i want to thank the commission for working on this resolution and bringing it to us, and of course the supervisor, for bringing this over, and all the youth who are here and not here who worked on this issue. i know it is a citywide issue. i look at the petition sent to us and i see virtually every zip code of san francisco on the petition. i probably can assume it is not just young people, that adults have signed on to the petition, so there are allies supporting young people supporting the idea of free muni
use authorization to install a wireless telecommunications facility consisting of nine antennas on the roof of a five-story publicly used structure located at 4141 geary boulevard and 46 ave. item 32 -- the motion approving the planning commission decision. item 33 -- a motion disapproving the planning commission decision related to a conditional use. item 34 -- a preparation of the findings. supervisor mar: i moved to suspend this so that the sponsor can spend time meeting with the of pellets -- the appellates, angeles children's center so they can work out an agreement. i am doing my best to work between them to come up with an agreement. i make a motion to continue this until october 25, 2011. president chiu: supervisor mar has made a motion to continue to october 25. seconded by supervisor mirkarimi. are there any members of the public who wish to speak on whether or not we should continue this item to the 25th? seeing none, public, is closed. on a motion to continue, any objection? these items will be continued to the 25th of october. why don't we move to hour closed sessio
was conducted and completed. for high-risk cases, using investigators and those investigations. there are circumstances where it would be inappropriate for the department themselves to be involved in the investigation of the complaint. we received allegations against department heads and we go to great pains to investigate those complaints without involvement from the department had or their senior staff. that would be true conflict. fundamentally, i believe that the department of public works has -- organizationally, it should have the desire to police the use of vehicles by employees. i think it is appropriate that the human resources function, it is appropriate for them to investigate allegations of misconduct by their employees at this level. supervisor campos: on that note, is there a review or any oversight of the adequacy of the investigation? gosh we refer these low-level complaints to the department, they would send a response back to us. questions would be, what did you do? how did you conduct it and what is your recommendation? if that is consistent with what we have
passes for the final months because it had a financial impact to us. the program is currently on hold now, pending the conversation around this program. as you know, supervisor campos is leading a coalition of advocacy groups evaluating this program. a budget analysis also completed a recent analysis with our input. the current program that is being championed is the free fares for all youth, unlimited access to muni at all times, clipper cards. this would be used to evaluate the program as a three-year pilot program. including the continuation of the $1.4 million subsidy moving forward. the budget analysis report including that writer should increase -- ridership increased. they develop more costs from the loss of their revenue. and some additional incremental costs. the budget analysis, while they did not report the potential service increase, they did not include in that total, because they felt that, in the hiss -- historically, they felt this would continue for this program as well. we also wanted to bring in front of you other models that other cities are doing for your consideratio
have any words? >> first, i would like to say thank you for thinking us. being in the dog patch and district 10, there are some of the choices it is special for us to be honored today. we look forward to being part of what is becoming a little bit of a restaurant renaissance, not only the dog patch, but petrer o, extending into bayview. >> keep an eye on this restaurant and the neighborhood. thank you. [applause] supervisor avalos: i do not believe my restaurant is here. i am honoring yama sushi, jeffrey lee. i do not think there will be arriving today. we are honoring them for their great work in the community, not just in providing an affordable sushi restaurant that has great sushi and is a great hope for the community, but they have done a lot of great work. they are the only restaurant that has participated in our excelsior festival and our "oh my" festival. we have monthly family nights in our district, where people can dine with the supervisor and his family and my staff. one of the first restaurants we were at was yama sushi. it was chosen because of its affordability an
to thank you for allowing us to be here to talk about the energy retrofit programs they have been allowing us to do. it was a really simple goal. it was federal stimulus money, and the goal was to do something long term that was good and the other goal was to make sure we spend the money quickly and got jobs we were creating. what is great is we accomplished both. we wanted to celebrate that today. the city already provides about 100% clean natural gas -- not natural gas. back that up. the city provides greenhouse gas free, 100% renewable energy. what is different is we're saying now that we provide that energy, we should always still be conserving, all we still be looking at energy efficiency opportunities, and that is what we're doing. this is one of 10 sites in the city including other cultural centers, health centers, where we took this money and really changed the behavior of what is happening in those buildings. we are here to celebrate that work. we had $3 million of this money from the stimulus funds. we are updating fluorescent let's -- lance and replacing them with modern efficie
. schloss, we discussed this program with the fta, and they cautioned us from evaluating this program flight title 6 perspective. if we would embark on this program, and we would have to pass the fta mostar, in terms of the program. if we were to do this, we could not limited to san francisco use only. first of all, clipper could not allow that and a title 6 program would not allow us to do it. additionally, this would have to be a priority for the program regionally. we are only one of the transit offices operating the clipper program. we have to stand in line for our needs along with the other issues in front of clipper. with the budget analysis report, included were some areas that we do not feel we agree with. one of the first ones is they felt we could reduce our number of fares sectors and test savings of $370,000. we do not think this is the case. we are very low on tfi staff and we believe the staff would have some safety and customer service issues as well. we do not believe that assumption is realistic. we also think we will have to incur some administrative effort in marketing and
, and worker for many of us in the city. and also a dear friend of mine. upon hearing on his sighting at -- upon hearing of a sudden passing last wednesday, there was a community outpouring of support, love, and sadness for our loss. e was not only someone who was a friend, but an angel in our community. someone who game -- sony gave countless hours to our youth and families, acting as a tutor who, working at united players for many years, and also at west egg and being one of the goodest people i have ever met. i am truly saddened for his loss. i am sorry, i was going to try to keep it together. i know that many of our members and young people miss him as well. i have a lot more to say about him, but i do not think i can finish. we have a certificate to honor -- we have an immemorial -- an in memoriam that is co-sponsored by others. the amount of care that he had for citizens was unbelievable. i have known him since his work supporting artists and his love of music. as a school board member, he would call me all the time to check up on students to see if i could help them. in talking
of this board to use their resources or contacts to contact the state legislators or whatever we have to do to find the money. i am willing to turn over every rock three or four times in order to find money. please help me do that. i'm going to start doing that right now. chariman nolan: do other members of the board have questions or comments? we will hear from the public now. we are delighted you are all here and want to hear from as many people as possible. we do have to be out of this room by a certain time. we also have several more items for consideration this afternoon. let's move on with that. i have talked to the leadership and appreciate working with them. the leaders have met with a number of us. let's start. secretary boomer: i will read a number of names and people could line up. let me find the card. what i would like to do is to read a list of names and have people lined up so that we can -- chariman nolan: mr. williams? secretary boomer: i am going to read a list. steve williams, you are first. >> i want to thank the board for scheduling this hearing for 4:00 so that young p
by gun shots. it underscores the need for us to stand tall for rational and a measured a gun safety laws when we are challenged by the nra and other gun right advocate groups. it doesn't take away any buddies the second amendment right, we just want our communities safe. president chiu: can we take this item same house and call? this ordinance is finally passed. >> amending the code to create a parks fund for the emergency relief fund and change the administering agency for the homeless find. president chiu: same house, same call. item 9. >> amending the environment code to update the green building design, construction, and operation of city buildings. president chiu: same house, same call. >> the land use and economic development committee, amending the planning code to create the lombard and scott street housing special use district 3151 through 3155. president chiu: this item needs to be continued to later in the meeting, so we will do that unless somebody has objection. >> from the rules committee without recommendation, amending the campaign government conduct code. the amount of p
been before us over and over again in this body whether to televise the ethics commission. a lot of us have said it should be. i think we should make that statement clear. it always comes down to a question of whether we have money. i think we should make that determination. but i like the language without the amendment. president chiu: with that, i think supervisor avalos would like to rescind that last boat. seconded by supervisor elsbernd. on the motion to amend, is there further discussion? if i could speak for a moment, i absolutely support our colleagues that want to make sure these meetings are televised, and i understand we are going to find the budget to do that. i think it is appropriate, what supervisor elsbernd has stated, but i am also supporting supervisor campos's legislation. supervisor campos: i understand what supervisor avalos is saying, but i do not think it prevents us from moving forward to ensure these are televised. i think the ordinance i am introducing will get us to that. but i certainly appreciate the perspective. supervisor avalos: i just think it makes a m
been using medical marijuana and it has promoted racism. another thing i found out, in bayview, on the 29th, this chicken is so good it can help you get over racism, homophobia. it was so good i started crying. i thought i was at a funeral. if we need more people to eat some of this. j &j fish is good. i am telling you. i want to ask the brothers at bca. we need you to come to city hall this friday and give out what you know about aids and how it is affecting us. we need a national policy on this. i want you to supervise our loved. the fish, good fish that makes you feel godly. president chiu: thank you for that. the next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. and the circus we call the board of supervisors. we do things a little different in the bay area than the rest of the nation, don't we? yes, they rip you off constitutionally. for 165 years, we have horse boarding in the county of san francisco. at its epicenter, it is ground zero where william hammond hall, the designer of golden gate park, built the stables. there were tragically closed september of 2
the country. >> thank you very much for showing us around today. i really appreciate you taking the time to let me get better acquainted with the operation and also to share with our "culturewire" team. >> and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting. can you please call the roll? supervisor avalos: present. supervisor campos: present. president chiu: present. supervisor chu: here. supervisor cohen: present. supervisor elsbernd: here. supervisor farrell: present. supervisor kim: here. supervisor mar: here. supervisor mirkarimi: present. supervisor wiener: present. >> all members are present. president chiu: can you please join me in the pledge of allegiance? [pledge of allegiance] [inaudible conversations] madam car, do we have any communications? >> there are no communications. items one-seven comprise the consent agenda and will be acted on by a single roll call vote unless it is requested to be removed and considered separately. supervisor mirkarimi: four. president chiu: items one through seven without item four. supervisor cohen: aye. supervisor elsbernd: aye. super
the good people and not taking care of the problem-makers that are in the city of using employee laws and not taking care of employees in a host of the rina's. unspeaking as a retailer because we cannot add a $2, $3 charge to our ticket. if you buy air jordans from us, you know on the internet it costs $125. if you sell it for more, the customer goes to the internet. there is a real effect to this legislation that will affect retailers in san francisco. it will drive business dollars and tax revenues out. i want you to think long and hard. if you are paying $1.37 for employee, 10% payroll increase, better than half of the retailer's wage budget, it is allocated to part-time employees. you do that, and what you have done is automatically lowered the bottom-line for a retailer that averages2% to 3% gross profit. the problem is how to implement the initiative without hurting business. that is what is in front of us right now. there are more businesses out there that care about employees that don't care about employees. san francisco would not be where it is today as a business community
things happened in this case that lead us task the committee and the board for the approval of this resolution. the first is that the medical charges were incurred by a minor, and the parents have the ability to pay when this was incurred, and the charges have not been paid at this time. we have done this, almost seven years, with a broad response. this does not happen very often but we would like the committee and the board to support this. >> do we have any questions for the colleagues? we will openness to public comment. public comments is now closed -- open this to public comment. public comment is now closed. we can move this forward without opposition. thank you very much. before we entertain the motion to convene in closed session, does anyone wish to speak on items 5-7? public comment is closed. we have the motion to convene in closed session. we will be convening in closed session and would like to ask you to leave the room. i am sorry. thank you. >> madam chair, we met in closed session to look at pending claims involving the city and we will move items 5, 6, and s
is healthier for working with us, or when a customer who comments on the generosity of their experience." it is therefore not a surprise that younger workers united, an organization, a labor organization that looks at the business practices of different restaurants in san francisco, have honored mission pie for being a high road employer. they truly have demonstrated how being good to your workers means being successful in business. it is truly an honor for me, and a great deal of pride, to have mission pie in my district. on behalf of the board of supervisors to karen and kristen, we applaud you for highlighting the benefits of the fair and equal treatment of workers, and a great impact it has on the community. thank you so much for the amazing food and the great service the you provide to the community, and for being a role model for what it means to be a successful business. >> thank you very much. i am struck, being here, and being in such great company of the restaurants that are here -- it is a incredible group to be part of. there is so much happening in san francisco. just becau
burden for most of us. second, allow us to transfer for the passenger, like las vegas. they charge about $2 as a surcharge when someone uses a credit card, or allow us to say no. the third option is to set a minimum price from $30, $40 minimum. this is unfair to pass this. thank you. >> hi, john haughn, san francisco yellow cab driver. what i have here is something you will get from yellow cab. management was nice enough to give me a copy of it. just a point of clarity on some of the information that is it here is that on page 2 that under the new regulations companies that wish to charge drivers must also have rear seat processing units. the third-party processor is also paying for those units and continued maintenance. it is time wording, but what we understand -- fine wording, but a portion of the piper's son is being taken out to pay for the rear pay terminals. a lot of that is not going to the processing fee, it is going to pay for the back seat terminals, and then they carry advertisements and that is split between companies and vendors. i just want you to take note of the wording.
francisco board of supervisors. i am joined by a supervisor campos. supervisor cohen will not be joining us today. we will entertain a motion to excuse her. supervisor campos: so moved. supervisor mirkarimi: the motion passes. thank you to sfgtv for their ongoing service. madam clerk, please read item one. >> item 1, ordinance amendment the san francisco police code section 107 1.1 to prohibit public nudity in restaurants and prohibit sitting on public benches or public seating areas without clothing or some other separate material between persons genitals, but talks, or tail region and the seating surface. supervisor mirkarimi: supervisor wiener brought this matter to the board. supervisor wiener: thank you for hearing this today. this is a piece of legislation that would address two very discreet issues, specifically requiring clothing for persons who are inside restaurants and requiring that of someone is in public and sitting on public seating, that the person has to place something down to sit on instead of sitting directly on the public seating -- if someone is nude in public. we have
business. that is what is in front of us right now. there are more businesses out there that care about employees that don't care about employees. san francisco would not be where it is today as a business community if we did not have that mentality. as a third generation business owner in the city, i can tell you this is real. i agree with taking care of employees. i agree with legislation to make sure it is the fair playing field. but, spend more time looking at what it will do to retail. the other thing is, we have roughly 50 people on this program. they all can draw on it. they all do. we'll probably get 1 to 2 people a year drawing on it because most part-time employees are of new hampshire, they don't care about insurance. they don't even really want it. if they have it, they might use it. this is true. my books are open. i am not making this up. i was on the original meetings when we set this up. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i am with service employees international local 1021. one of the points of light to make has been made. i will not
you want us to hold, which would tie up the money for hra's for part-time employees that likely already have insurance and take that away from money would be spending on premiums for full- time employees. if you want to see the $250,000 loss that i had last year that forced me into bankruptcy, i will show it to you. there is no extra money sitting around. the occasional claim we get, we pay. we have no restrictions on the hra. we have actual insurance. second, in fairness, insurance companies don't hold on to money for 18 months after you stop paying premiums. they don't hold onto it for a day. they don't respond to me the premiums i pay for insurance money is not paid for or health care not used. it seems you're putting a burden on hra you are not putting on an insurance company or on the city itself. second of all, when people say there has been no effect of the various anti-business legislation over the years, i would point out, supervisor campos, your district is booming. you should come over to a davidchiu's district. there are several empty spaces. most restaurants in the
say thank you, because it was just last wednesday we asked for a quick turnaround in helping us revise and upgrade the agreement presented to us. i think some improvement has been made. i appreciate that. and i want to thank my office for helping take part in that negotiation. and i think supervisor came for her support. -- thank supervisor kim for her support. in terms of what is today, we realize the agreement must be solidified by october 11. what is attached is a community benefits agreement. so this is the proper time to move the whole enchilada. i ask one zip code to be added. i ask that you also add 117. the rest comports with our interest, i think, in trying to at least take care, for those in the film more western addition, who are struggling to bring back attention in a jazz historical way -- i believe this institution can add to that. >> i also want to thank supervisor chu, who advised that they and service if they do not comply in the community benefits. we were able to negotiate that in this process. supervisor mirkarimi: that is a good point. i will not go into all
to be implemented, including new bosses, the repaving of the street, the overhead system, in the 49 commission uses as well as upgrading the signaling system. when all of those elements are taking into nomination, the projects range from $162 million to $216 million. we have a variety of funding from many sources, federal, state, and local. totaling about $175 million. depending on the alternative that is chosen, we either have the funding or we have a small gap that we would need to make up as we move through the design process. this is a common level of funding support for a project that is completing its environmental review phase. quickly, i will walk the three alternatives that are being considered in the environmental document. the first is what we are calling the no project. the improvements and would happen even if we decide not to go for it. replacing our buses on a regular basis, replacing the shelters with the new designs that are going out throughout the system, and possibly considering aldo reporting as a way of speeding the system up. the first project alternative would be to improve
about insurance. they don't even really want it. if they have it, they might use it. this is true. my books are open. i am not making this up. i was on the original meetings when we set this up. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i am with service employees international local 1021. one of the points of light to make has been made. i will not go into great depth reiterating. a few points that i do want to point out again, i don't understand why we are debating why we should continue to subsidize 13% of businesses effectively gaining a law that was not intended to be pursued in the manner it is being pursued. the intent of legislation was to provide health care for workers. that has not been done. there have been abuses. the percentage that the taxpayers pay on their bill is intended to go toward health care. this is funding that is supposed to be provided for workers, not businesses. the fear tactics that there are going to be increased damages to the economic situation more jobs will be driven out of the city, we have heard a time and again. it
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 332 (some duplicates have been removed)